Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring in my Backyard

Spring doesn't last very long in the deep South, but while it's here it's stunningly beautiful. I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Because I know that very soon my lovely garden will have a fight for its life with a jungle of weeds, briers, and searing heat. This prickly little vine is known as greenbriar. It can also be called bull briar, horse brier, and cat brier. It's such a monstrous nuisance people can't even decide on a single name or a consistent spelling. This little shoot may look innocent at the moment, but if it's not destroyed, it will soon grow straight up above everything around it until gravity pulls its nasty little stem downward into whatever grows nearby. The thing can grow up to twenty feet long and wrap itself in, around, and through every healthy plant within spitting distance.

Definitely a worthy antagonist.


  1. The nasty briar... not to mention it has awful
    thorns and a stem you can't break off with bare
    hands. But the colors in the rest of the garden are stunning, Doraine! Thanks for the photos.

  2. Sinister. That's what they are. I've tried to dig them up before and they have a root tuber the size of a cantaloupe that does the same thing underground as the vine above ground. I wish you could come sit in my garden and have tea with me.