Thursday, October 11, 2007


I heard the crack while I was at my mother's house. Sounded like the transformer blew. Nothing happened at her house, but when I got home, there was no electricity. I sat in my chair by the window and critiqued some work. Before I was finished, the lights came back on. A good thing since it was approaching dusk and my window light was diminishing.

I kept working, paying attention my watch, since I was to meet Cliff at 7:30 for dinner. I thought I was paying attention. It was close to dark outside when I finished, but my watch still said 6:30. Dead as a door nail. (Wonder where that expression comes from.) Oh dear. Went to the computer only to discover that it was actually 7:36. Late again.

The next morning Cliff went to work at the house next door for a while before leaving for work. He kept working and working and finally realized that his watch had stopped, too. He came home and showered in a rush and got to the office.

When I finally got around to changing all the clocks in the house, I realized that the clock on the stove had stopped working altogether. Electricity is running, but not my kitchen clock.

I've resorted to my phone to tell me the time. Maybe that will help me remember to carry the phone with me more often, at least until I can buy a clock for the stove.