Friday, October 30, 2015

O October!

Photo by Wildcat Dunny

I love this quote from Rainbow Rowell's book, Attachments. I heard it read recently in a yoga class and went in search of the source. Rowell is the author of Eleanor and Park and Fan Girl. Attachments was her first novel. I've added it to my "want to read" pile.

I'm taking liberties with the lines, making it a found poem. It should really be a poem!

baptize me with leaves!
Swaddle me in corduroy
and nurse me with split pea soup. 

tuck tiny candy bars 
in my pockets and
carve my smile
into a thousand pumpkins.

O autumn!
O teakettle!
O grace!

Happy Autumn! I've been out of town and out of town and out of town. Now I'm writing and writing and writing. So if you've read this elsewhere lately, well, enjoy it again. Stop by A Year of Reading where Mary Lee is hosting the roundup.