Thursday, July 14, 2016

Montana Meandering

Vacation week for me and hubs. The beauty of this place is astounding. 

Glacier Poem
by Jacob

You can think you are big, strong, powerful. Really though?
As you look up the mountains,
That sense of pride falls away.

Maybe the screech of the eagle nips at your ears, 

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

A New Center

Spiritual Journey Thursday. Thoughts to consider.

We need a new center;
not a transformation but a transposition
We need the completion
not of the soul but of its radical change
A new order of life and love
A new order born of the spirit.
   --P.T. Forsythe

There is a Center in every man in which and through which God works. To that Center He speaks; through that Center He acts. When a man discovers his own divine Center, he stands at the gateway to powerful living.
   --Fr. John Gaynor Banks, The Master and the Disciple

There are three blocks to discovering one's true center. The first two have to do with the forgiveness of sin: either our failure to forgive others, or our failure to receive forgiveness from God. The third has to do with one's own inner vision of oneself and the failure to acquire the virtue of self-acceptance. However much a person lives out of diseased attitudes and feelings toward the self, to that extent he will fail to find and live from his true center where God dwells, speaks, and empowers him.
   --Leanne Payne, The Healing Presence