Sunday, March 25, 2007

The House Next Door

Last year, we bought the house next door. After sitting empty for over a year, it was in sad shape. The basement was flooded, due to poor lot grading and lack of drainage, and reeked of mildew. The foundation was questionable in spots. The lovely vinyl siding on the eves offered cosmetics for the damaged wood underneath. The kitchen floor was rotted. A limb came through the roof several decades ago, and it was roofed over it and left it in the attic.

After months of piddling with small demolition projects:

Major work has finally begun.

Our Mexican brick mason took one look at the outside walls and said, "No good. No ties. Wall fall down." In other words, the bricks weren't tied to the construction. If we take the roof off to add a second story, which is in the plan, the existing walls will tumble without the benefit of silent marches or blowing trumpets. So, now the house next door looks like this:

Isn't this going to be fun?!


  1. fun? I don't know about "fun." But it'll be an adventure!

  2. great photos of the house. Looking forward to following the story.

  3. I'm proud of you getting the blog thing started. Yay for more reasons not to do school =). I'm excited about the house. Love you much.

  4. Maybe you should have scraped it... ; )

  5. Scrapping it would have cost more. The banker said there's no way we could have re-built even half the house due to changes in codes, grading, etc. It couldn't have had the basement at all. So, right choice, just lots of work!