Sunday, February 8, 2009

Book Cover for new Georgia Habitats series

Here is the cover for one of the books in my upcoming series on Georgia habitats. I'm really pleased. My publisher is doing a first class job.

The first set, the second grade Georgia biographies, have done really well with schools in Georgia. Since the state moved Georgia history to second grade, teachers have been scraping for books at their students' level. I'm just thrilled to be part of this.

And it's a real thrill to see your name on a bookshelf in the library!


  1. What an exciting cover, Doraine. Congratulations on your series success!

  2. You have every reason to be proud of that cover. Isn't it great when your work gets a nice face? How many books are you doing for this series?

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  4. Beautiful! Congrats on your success. - Donna

  5. Thanks, Sarah.

    We actually did two series at the same time. It's not a feat I would prefer to attempt again. The second grade set on Georgia regions has 6 books--Piedmont, Appalachian Plain, Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge Mountain, Upper Coastal Plain, and Lower Coastal Plain. The third grade set on habitats has 6 books--mountains, Atlantic Ocean, marshes and swamps, piedmont,coast, and coastal plain.

  6. The cover looks great, Doraine!
    Have you slept at all the last year or so? Congratulations on all of these, and see you at Springmingle!