Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Works

I met with my editor from State Standards Publishing on Monday. She gave me my copies of the two new sets of books that just rolled off the press. It's an amazing feeling to see my name on all those books. It was a lot of work and two sets at one time was a big bite!

She also commissioned me to write another third grade book, just one book, on ancient Greek influences on American democracy. I spent yesterday afternoon in the library collecting research. Manuscript is due by the end of June for publication in November 2009.

I'm meeting with my fabulous critique group this weekend. My submission is a book proposal for Readers Theatre on Global Explorers.

I'm researching publishers for a book I'm working on with a friend. She is a counselor and has spent time during the last three years using art therapy with children of the Rawandan genocide. I'm really excited about working on this project with her. You can read about her work here.

I'm off to do homework in preparation for the PCCWW in August. Check back later for the next installment of what I'm learning.

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