Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Dragon

Margaret Hillert has been writing fiction for young children longer than some of us remember reading it. As a first grade teacher, she realized her students needed good stories written at a reading level they could comprehend.

The Dear Dragon books, her best known series, is beloved around the world. It's still in print (revised editions by Norwood house) and she's adding four new titles this fall and four more in the spring.

Ms. Hillert's beginning-t0-read books use the sight words that appear most frequently in written text. Pictures add details to the delightful stories of a boy and his pet dragon.

Additional features of the updated editions and the new releases include:
  • notes to caregivers
  • word lists
  • activities to promote reading success
  • AR levels 0.5-1.0

New titles for 2009:

It's Fall, Dear Dragon
It's Winter, Dear Dragon
It's Spring, Dear Dragon
It's Summer, Dear Dragon

It's a Good Game, Dear Dragon
Play, Play, Play, Dear Dragon
I Did It, Dear Dragon
Touchdown! Dear Dragon

I hope when I'm 89, I'll still be writing books!

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