Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Boys Love Trucks

When my youngest son was small, his favorite book was a tattered copy of an old book (1953 pub date) by Norman Bate, called Who Built the Highway? In the story, Big Town and Little Town had a discussion about why there was no road connecting them. They decided to wake up the people and tell them to build a road!

I became intimately familiar with every hill and valley between Big Town and Little Town. I read that book so many times, I could name the road-making machines in order, as each one claimed it would build the highway.

The intricate sepia-type drawings of bulldozer and earthmover, power shovel and tampers, grader, truck, roller, subgrader, roadlayer, and finishers made up in detail for what they lacked in color.

My son still loves trucks. And I still look for truck books whenever I'm in a bookstore. Only now, I'm checking them out for my grandsons, who are all long distances away. I've found a great way to stay connected to them. I choose a couple of my favorite books for them at each birthday and read them onto a CD, complete with a bell for page turns. It gives them good books to read and keeps my voice in their heads until the next real visit.

I recently read this one for my grandson in Texas. I loved it, and I know he will, too.

And of course, for my library clients, who can never seem to find enough truck books for their young readers, this is a wonderful set.

Construction Zone, from Capstone Publishers, is a fine addition to any library. Titles are all written by Joanne Early Macken. The photos are stunning. Text is simple and clear. Young truck lovers will enjoy reading these for themselves.

Titles included in the set are:
  • Building a Road
  • Building a House
  • Building a Skyscraper
  • Building a Bridge
  • Construction Tools
  • Construction Crews
  • Demotition
  • Digging Tunnels
AR levels range from 1.5 to 2.3

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