Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's Playing What Where?

Okay, I'm not a die hard sports fan, but I do like a good game every now and then. This weekend it was hard to tell who was playing what. My hubby is a die hard Yankees fan, even though we are less than 100 miles from the Atlanta Braves stadium. So I watch with him. The Yankees are in the playoffs. But on another channel, Alabama was playing football. He's an Alabama fan, too, but usually roots for anyone in the SEC who has a chance of winning the national title. It looks like Alabama might have a chance. Lots going on to keep up with.

It's not unusual for us to flip back and forth between two channels. You don't have to watch the commercials that way. But Saturday when he added a third channel--an old movie, not another game--I gave up and went to find a book. Two channels I can deal with, but three messes with my brain!

So in honor of the season, my book recommendations this week are the football books. Okay, there's baseball, too. And basketball and hockey for that matter, but like I said. Two at a time is enough!

These two sets are from Creative Company. I love these books. They are so beautiful. Dynamic photographs. Only 48 pages, but more like a coffee table book that appeals to kids than the typical educational market. Perfect for upper elementary, middle school, and even high school.

Basesball: The Great American Game
Titles for every team in the major leagues. Features player profiles, side panes, and great photos.
AR level comes in at 7.1

NFL Today
Titles for every team in the league. History of the team, player profiles, and again, fabulous photos.

AR levels 7.1

Two other well-done sets at a slightly lower reading level by Norwood House provides the same titles for both baseball and football. AR levels come in at 5.4 to 5.8.

For any of you writers out there who are reading. If you have sports knowledge, I have media specialists begging for these books at a low reading level. AR 2.5-4.0. If you can write them, they would sell.

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