Monday, February 8, 2010

Dori Reads

Thursday night I spoke at the PTA meeting at Hannan Elementary on the importance of reading aloud to your children. It was a good group of parents, a variety of children, and of course, the teachers and principal. The statistics show clearly that reading aloud with your children gives them a head start on learning to read. We read a few pages from one of my family's all-time favorites, Tales of the Kingdom by Karen and David Mains. It's a fairly high level read aloud, but it captured the attention of the adults and even most of the youngest children there.

I spent the rest of the week with my grandchildren who were here from Texas. Dori is my grandmother name. As you can see, I still love reading aloud, even when their choice is a Little Golden Book about Scuffy the Tugboat.

Scarboy's mother is dead. Her last instructions were to take Little Child and escape from the Enchanted City. The enchanter rules Enchanted City with fire. Jealous of the sun's powerful light, he has declared day to be night and night to be day. As orphans, the brothers are doomed to stoke the fires beneath the city's streets. Escape is their only hope.

Excellent read aloud.

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