Friday, June 11, 2010

Poetry Friday: Deep Sea Diver

Since I turned in my explorers manuscript last week, I've been breathing a deep sigh of relief. There comes an amazing sense of accomplishment, a bit like this poem about a deep sea diver. And by the way, one of my scripts is on Auguste and Jacques Piccard who built the bathyscaph and descended to Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, the deepest spot in the Pacific Ocean.

Deep Sea Diver
Robert Francis

Diver go down
Down through the green
Inverted dawn
To the dark unseen
To the never day
The under night
Starless and steep
Deep beneath deep
Diver fall
And falling fight
Your weed-dense way
Until you crawl
Until you touch
Weird water land
And stand.

Diver come up
Up through the green
Into the light
The sun the seen
But in the clutch
Of your dripping hand
Diver bring
Some uncouth thing
That we could swear
And would have sworn
Was never born
Or could ever be
Blaze on our sight
Make us see.

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  1. Beautiful poem! I've never been scuba diving, only snorkeling. I can't imagine how amazing and heart pumping a deep sea dive would be!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kelly. I've never been scuba diving either. The "otherness" of sea creatures, as writer and speaker Leanne Payne would say, is well above my adventure threshold.

  3. This is such a lovely poem. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  4. You're so welcome, Priya. I'm glad to see you, too. Children's writers are just a wonderful community to be part of.