Saturday, October 9, 2010

Conference Overload and Anagram Angst

In the last month, I've been to:

1) the Infantry Conference to learn about TOW, UAVs, and M14s. And for the NIA to give OSM awards,

2) to GACIS in Athens to man the Delaney booth on the display floor for instructional specialists to stop and look at instructional stuff,

3) to the local Chattahoochee Valley Writers Conference where I was the registrar -- no time for photos!

4) to GAYC in Duluth, again manning the booth on the vendor floor. This time with Dr. Jean's material.

And oh my goodness -- the things they let those preschoolers play with!!

5) and last weekend to SCBWI in Birmingham where I learned
more about "voice" in the one day intensive than I've ever heard anybody explain. Darcy Pattison took the mysticism out of this topic that is typically described by most editors as "I'll know it when I see it." We worked with the building blocks--sounds, words, sentences, passages. It was the most practical workshop I've been to in a very long time.

After #5 I rode the train from Birmingham to Hattiesburg to be with my younger daughter.

I came home long enough to wash clothes and go to a few appointments. I leave tomorrow morning to visit the other daughter in Oregon.

I'm not feeling very poetic or even creative at the moment, but I did manage to edit over half of my WIP and outline the next two books in the Virginia Geographic Regions series. I will spend the flight time tomorrow proofing the first pass pages from my editor for the explorers book.

Time for dinner with my sweet husband, who just told me that I'm never done. But he was smiling.


  1. Wow. :) It's been a busy and exciting season for you. Those long-distance visits to daughters are wonderful, aren't they? I do some of that, too. Your creativity will come rushing back when you have the space and time for it. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful month.

  2. Thanks, Toby. I do love being with my girls.