Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Glenn and the Lights of Perth

One of the reader's theater scripts in my new book is about John Glenn and his two trips into space. Both times the citizens of Perth turned their lights on to send a welcome message to the astronaut. I posted about it here on my blog tour.

My grandson's class decided to perform the script after they finished their science unit on space. The kids liked it so much, they decided to create props, come up with costumes, and memorize their lines. While I was in Texas last week, I got to see the dry run on Friday afternoon. They performed the play for the rest of the school.

On Monday night, they performed it for the PTA. My son took this photo of a very cool John Glenn. I was more proud to be the star's grandmother than to be the author of the play!

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  1. Doraine, I can hear those buttons of yours popping right and left! Not to mention the smile that probably never left your face!