Friday, June 24, 2011

Poetry Friday: Tortoise or Hare

After a heavy rain, we found this displaced turtle in the street in front of the house yesterday. He was definitely lost. My daughter gathered him up, and despite his toes touching her, managed to get him to the back yard where he plopped himself back into the creek with speed more like a hare than a ponderous amphibian.

Since I have family here this week, I'm slow getting my Poetry Friday post going. Here is an original poem, written several years ago. Our displaced critter made me think of it. For more Poetry Friday, stop by Carol's Corner and enjoy the roundup.

Tortoise or Hare

I would be the tortoise

If I could choose.

Tender parts

Carefully guarded

By a hard green shell.

A portable hiding place

For those awkward moments.

No need to run,

Just pull in the appendages

And breathe slowly

Until the danger passes.

But some pernicious muse

Had other plans

And without consulting me,

Took my secrets

And made iambic feet

For a bunch of mad rabbits

That care nothing for poetry.


  1. I smiled reading this, Doraine - and then the last few lines packed such a punch:

    "...made iambic feet

    For a bunch of mad rabbits

    That care nothing for poetry."


  2. Hee hee! Darn that pernicious muse!

  3. Very fun! Reminds me of Kay Ryan's turtle poem, but with your original twist at the end.

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  4. I love Tender parts/Carefully guarded/ By a hard green shell/ a portable hiding place/for those awkward moments. Can't tell you how often I have needed a shell like that!

  5. Oh boy can I relate to the "awkward moments." To have a shell! xo

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us, Dori! I'm going to save it to read again.