Friday, March 9, 2012

Gettin' Ready for March Madness Poetry Tournament


March Madness is at Think Kid, Think! Instigated, designed and hosted by Ed DeCaria, this exciting tournament will pit children's poets from around the blogosphere in a seeded battle of rhythm and rhyme. The whistle blows on Monday for the tip-off.

Here are a few tournament poems to get in the mood.

from "The Last Tournament" by Lord Alfred Tennyson

She ended, and the cry of a great jousts
With trumpet-blowings ran on all the ways
From Camelot in among the faded fields
To furthest towers; and everywhere the knights
Armed for a day of glory before the King.

from "The Tournament" by Sydney Lanier

Bright shone the lists, blue bent the skies,
And the knights still hurried amain
To the tournament under the ladies' eyes,
Where the jousters were Heart and Brain.

Listen to basketball-loving children's author and photographer, Charles R. Smith, Jr., read his poem, "Let Me Introduce Myself."

Poetry Friday Roundup is over at Gathering Books. Stop by and let the poetry begin.


  1. I love the idea of poets jousting with words... Try not to get knocked out of your seat!

  2. I'm getting my chain mail all polished up and my jousting words ready! This is going to be FUN!!!