Thursday, October 18, 2012

Poetry Friday: Home

At the Miss Rumphius Effect blog this week, the poetry prompt was to write a poem about home. You can see my contribution there, though it's a bit rough and should have been shored up more before I posted. Don't you hate it when you do that?! 

Since I'm traveling again this weekend, SCBWI Southern Breeze WIK (fall conference), I'm identifying with all these home poems. Here is one more, posted at Your Daily Poem this week. 

Irene Latham hosts Poetry Friday today at Live Your Poem. Irene has been busy on a blog tour the last two weeks to launch her new book, Don't Feed the Boy. Today she's hosting a community zoo poem (yes, I contributed two lines) to celebrate Poetry Friday and the new book. Join her for a real treat!

by Barbara Eknoian

I cross the miles holding
on to memories:
my children’s first steps,
their first days at school,
romping in piles
of orange and gold leaves.

The neighborhood movie house,
where Rocky played
for six months.
It was something I could rely on
when I looked up at the marquee.

The drugstore where my kids
brought their piggy banks;
the clerk counting out
pennies to buy me perfume.

Chatting over the backyard fence,
as we hung clothes on our lines.
Margaret always washed
on Mondays, shopped on Thursdays;
Vivian walked to the market at noon.

I arrive in the new land
of smog-filled haze
and star-like cacti,
I am on another planet.

Read the rest at Your Daily Poem.


  1. Oh, I saw this too, Dori. It's so beautiful with all its little details. We could fill up some of those too! And I think your poem at Tricia's is beautiful, & sad, & just right for those who need other things, but still want 'home'. Thank you!

  2. Yes, so many lovely details here... it's never the way we remember it, because that "home" is gone... so bittsweet. Thanks for posting, and see you TONIGHT! xo

  3. I just read your poem without realising it was yours and it really packs a punch. I'm glad you posted it! There's some very powerful poetry there.

    Enjoy your conference.

  4. Somehow those lines about Margaret and Vivian whalloped me with missing, though I never really knew anyone quite like that. Or did I? I must go visit Miss Rumphius -- it's been too long!

  5. I was moved by your poem at Trisha's. Such vivid imagery and haunting emotion. Home does that to us I guess.