Friday, March 8, 2013

March Madness!

It's Poetry Friday! For more wonderful poetry, visit our host, Heidi Mordhorst, at My Juicy Little Universe

And it's only a few days to the March Madness Poetry Tournament, hosted by that evil, poet genius, Ed DeCaria, who dreams up four-syllable words and expects competitors to invent child-friendly poems with them. 

Voting on first round poems begins on Wednesday and Thursday. With an 11-seed word, I'm pitted against Cheryl Laughton Malone, who sounds important and very poetic. Yes I am shaking in my boots!  

This poem from Samiya Bashir perfectly captures my frame of of mind. 


By Samiya Bashir 
if this is a game then we have made it, unknowing,
to the final four. unlikely underdogs. spectators turned
to suspect sport. anti-athletes. out of shape beyond reason.

at season’s height we fight for a limited audience. few dancers.
fewer cheers. down by 30 and our coach m.i.a. we, foolish, dribble.
each bounce-back brings a stranger. can’t call us for traveling because

we ain’t going nowhere. instead, we trade terrified looks. search

Read the rest here. I love her last line!


  1. Oh, I love these poem-offs! And I recognized a handful names. It's always fun when you have someone you're rooting for! ;-)

  2. Good luck with the Madness! Yes, indeed, "two other teams waiting, impatient, to take us out". I'll be reading and voting next week! =)

  3. Go, Dori! I think you all can "trade terrified looks," but you are bold and brave and you can do it!

  4. Thanks for this great, different poem, Dori! I think i screwed up the link on the PF post--sorry about that. I'll look up more by this poet.