Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Know You Might Be a Writer When...

You lost your purse.
You're a hundred miles from home
with no driver's license,
no credit card,
no money,
and no gas,

And the thing that stresses you out
is the fact that you have no pen and paper.


  1. Absolutely love it! Is it true? I'm sorry & hope you've already found it!

  2. Yes, I certainly understand...

  3. Yes. True. Hubby found my purse at Starbucks where I left it on the chair at breakfast before I left town. Discovered the loss when I stopped to pick up an audio book and get gas. Made it to Atlanta where I had a business luncheon, paid for by the host, fortunately. Used my iPad to take notes. Borrowed some money from a friend to get gas to get me home. Stopped at Starbucks on the way home to get a snack. Thought I could use my card, since I had no money. Oops. No card,but I had my phone with that pay on your phone app. Oops. Last time I was there the guy combined all my cards onto one that I hadn't registered. Tried to reload with my credit card, but couldn't remember my number. Too bad I couldn't use my library card, as I have that one memorized. Then found the option to reload with PayPal. Finally remembered the password and got a smoothie and a snack for the road. By then traffic was heavy and I drove 10 mph from the north side of Atlanta all the way to the airport on the south side. Finally made it home about 8pm where my sweet hubby presented me with my purse and made me dinner.