Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Days

It doesn't take much here in the deep South to earn us a few snow days. If you've been watching the weather reports from the Atlanta area, you can see what confusion a little bit of ice on the roads can cause. I burrowed in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I snuggled up beside the fire, made hot chocolate, and played with words on a sheet of paper white as the snow outside my window.

Tricia hosts the Poetry Friday Roundup today at The Miss Rumphius Effect. Tricia's Monday poetry challenge this week was to write a climbing rhyme, so I tried it, played with it, revised, ditched it, and finally decided to post it.

A climbing rhyme uses internal rhyme in four syllable (or four word) lines. The pattern goes like this:


Here is my effort, along with a photo that shows you just how much snow is required for a snow day.

Snow Day

It's a snow day.
Go away. Please
don't say it's time
for sun to shine.
Don't remind me.
I whine and pout.
Don't make me pack
my book bag to
go back to school.
I want to play
one more day. Please,
snow, stay a while.


  1. My memories of childhood in Michigan, in a poem! I remember sitting around the radio, waiting for school closings reports. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Bet you don't have many of those in Southern California!

  3. I hope I can take time to try the climbing rhyme, Dori. Still reading Poetry Friday blogs along with the Saturday ones, too! I like the voice in your poem. We've had snow, & now cold again, but we're more used to it, so no snow day for us, yet! Glad you could stay in & enjoy the cocoa!

    1. Weather in the Deep South can be pretty crazy. It went from 12 degrees Wednesday night to 70 degrees Sunday. That was quite a climb! ;)

  4. We had one of those "maybe" weather forecasts and nothing but rain this morning. I know there are a lot of disappointed Maryland children waking up in their inside-outed pajamas this morning, trudging off to school.