Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poetry Friday: Dear March -

Oh, Spring, where art thou?  Winter was long and hard. The snowdrops and phlox are blooming and today it was almost 80 degrees. Please no, Spring, do not leave so soon. Give us a little time to enjoy your fragrant blooms! Summer leave off for just a little while. 

Dear March - Come in –
By Emily Dickinson

Dear March - Come in -    
How glad I am -
I hoped for you before -
Put down your Hat -         
You must have walked -
How out of Breath you are -          
Dear March, how are you, and the Rest -
Did you leave Nature well -
Oh March, Come right upstairs with me -
I have so much to tell -

I got your Letter, and the Birds -    
The Maples never knew that you were coming -
I declare - how Red their Faces grew -                
But March, forgive me -   
And all those Hills you left for me to Hue -    
There was no Purple suitable -       
You took it all with you -           
Who knocks? That April -
Lock the Door -
I will not be pursued -
He stayed away a Year to call        
When I am occupied -              
But trifles look so trivial    
As soon as you have come
That blame is just as dear as Praise

And Praise as mere as Blame -

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  1. She was/is the mistress of words. This is another beauty, Dori. Sadly, we have snow on the way, tonight & tomorrow, not a lot, but cold & snow. Perhaps the last? Thank you for this, and for your lovely picture!

  2. We're definitely on the same wave length this week! Emily seems just perfect to welcome Spring. :)

  3. Oh wow, another Emily Dickinson poem. Gorgeous. Spring is much-awaited, I see. :)

  4. "But trifles look so trivial." Glad to have ED around as we anxiously await something green to poke through!

  5. I think April is the new March around here.

  6. Great choice for today, Dori. It's still looking gray here in Maryland. I wish March would come and take off its hat.

  7. A lovely poem for a blustery night! But I'm hoping the lamb will be here to usher March out soon!

  8. A wonderful selection! Thank you for sharing this (new to me) poem by the spring-loving mistress of flowers and words.