Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Choosing Cinquains

I meant to post this yesterday, but life got in the way. After taking a hiatus to be with my grandchildren, I did want to return with at least one final cinquain. I've enjoyed this challenge I set for myself, even though I didn't make it every day of the month. Thanks for following along with me. Happy National Poetry Month!

File:Johannes (Jan) Vermeer - Christ in the House of Martha and Mary - Google Art Project.jpg
Christ in the House of Martha and Mary by Johannes Vermeer

Martha's Choice

fretted over
boiled lamb and stuffed olives,
fumed and muttered while doling bowls
of stew,

that Mary sat
and did nothing to help,
unable to understand how

hands could
please Jesus when
so much depended on
a table filled with bread and wine
for him. 

© Doraine Bennett

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