Friday, January 30, 2015

Birthday Books #1

My granddaughter. Lizzy, turned four in December. For birthdays, I've been recording two books for each grandchild in my voice and sending along the book and the CD. (My cycle starts in December for my eight grands.) This year, I've set myself the task of writing an acrostic for each child that reflects my thoughts and their amazing personalities.  

Here is the first one.

Listen to the love
Inside your heart, then
Zip and
Zoom through another

One of Lizzy's books this year were Oh, No! by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann.

This one wasn't Lizzy's favorite, though I think she will grow to appreciate it. I love the simple repetitive text and the illustrations are strong and beautiful. The animals of the forest fall into the tiger's trap, a deep hole. When they escape and trap the tiger instead, Lizzie says, "It hurts my feelings." I think she's on the tiger's side. 

This one was a huge hit. A lovely bedtime tale by Mary Logue, Sleep Like a Tiger takes a princess through the ritual every parent loves and dreads, convincing a child to go to sleep. 

I hope you sleep like a tiger tonight!

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  1. Didn't realize you had 8 grandkids! How lovely to record stories and write acrostics for them. What beautiful memories you're making for them.

  2. Oh, I remember the age of birthday books. I loved selecting just the right book for each child. Teens are a bit more difficult to choose for, so I pretty much have stopped the birthday books. But a poem... A lovely idea. I agree with Jama that you are creating beautiful memories.

  3. I asked my parents to record themselves reading to my kids when they were little too! It's such a special thing for them, especially when grandparents live far away. Love the idea of the special acrostic, though. They will treasure those forever.

  4. Eric Rohmann is a genius so is Pamela Zagarenski. I've been meaning to get my hands on Sleep Like a Tiger for the longest time. Hopefully this weekend at the library. And wow, eight grandkids! :) What a blessing.