Friday, April 24, 2015

Feeling Like a Bit of Satire

Don't ask. Just have a good laugh at yourself today. 

At the Aquarium
by Max Eastman

Serene the silver fishes glide,
Stern-lipped, and pale, and wonder-eyed!
As through the aged deeps of ocean,
They glide with wan and wavy motion!
They have no pathway where they go,
They flow like water to and fro.
They watch with never-winking eyes
They watch with staring, cold surprise,
The level people in the air,
The people peering, peering there;
Who also wander to and fro,
And know not why or where they go,
Yet have a wonder in their eyes,
Sometimes a pale and cold surprise. 


Enjoy the Poetry Friday Roundup with Renee at No Water River.


  1. This poem is so much fun. Thanks.

  2. I think I'd better post this on the aquarium in our classroom, Dori. Funny to behold those humans looking in.

  3. I'm thinking along Linda's lines! My fish tank needs this poem!