Friday, August 7, 2015

Poetry of the Body

File:A ship at night Wellcome L0049053.jpg

 I stumbled upon this poem in a Rodney Yee book, called Poetry of the Body, purchased for one dollar at the Friends of the Library book sale last weekend. Some days are delightful in their convergence.

Once Only almost at the equator almost at the equinox exactly at midnight from a ship the full moon in the center of the sky.
Gary Snyder
Sappa Creek near Singapore
March 1958

Ardha Chandrasana, officially it's only "half moon pose," and this is definitely modified, but still such fun.

May all the things you love converge today!

Tabatha Yeatts hosts Poetry Friday at The Opposite of Indifference.


  1. What a cool photo! It makes me feel all confused about what I am looking at and which way is up.
    I like the title "Once Only" -- it really pulls you in to the specificity of the moment.

  2. Gary Snyder speaks so lovely. You've found/made just the right images to match!

  3. I love Gary Snyder's poetry and how awesome to see you in that powerful pose! Half Moon pose is one of the most challenging for me.