Friday, January 1, 2016

Grumpy Greetings

This lovely crowd of people has been in my house for the last week. Half of them went home yesterday, so the noise level has been significantly reduced. It's been a wonderful visit, but tonight I sort of hit the wall. Okay, not sort of. Hubs has been fighting a cold and last night I ended up on the sofa in an effort to sleep without the constant movement that goes with the hacking and snorting and blowing and coughing. Since he couldn't sleep either he got up and did what he does so well. He started emptying the dishwasher. So sleeping on the couch became even less satisfying. I tried again today to take the remaining two grands to the pool to swim, but forgot it was New Years Eve and the pool was closed. (We missed it on the first attempt, too.) After we had eaten dinner and hubs had cleaned up again (sweet man that he is), I was so grumpy and unsociable I packed my jammies, grabbed  my pillow and took myself to the basement apartment just vacated by the departing set of grands.  I drank a glass of wine, binged on The Gilmore Girls, and went to bed. To no avail. Every kid in my neighborhood must have driven across the river and spent their last dime at Big Momma's Fireworks. Yes, I'm serious. That establishment does exist. 

So I gave in. I sat outside on the steps and watched the sky explode and remembered to be grateful 

for my children who love me and want to spend time at my house 
for a husband who knows I hate to make the bed and wash dishes and willingly does it for me
 for eight precious grands who live far away and really do love their Dori 

My life is full of good things. 

So come on in 2016. I'm going to bed now. I'll see you in the morning. 


  1. Happy New Year, Dori, a happy time, but change and people make a busier life than usual. My guests leave Saturday and I will miss them terribly, but might also nap in the afternoon.

  2. Dear grumpy, grateful you: love that you caved and watched the fireworks. :) Happy 2016 to you and all those wonderful people in your life. xo

  3. :) Happy New Year, Dori! I sure do hope I get to see you more than once in 2016!

  4. Happy New Year! Hope your husband is feeling better and you are getting more sleep!