Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Welcome. Today for Spiritual Journey Thursday we are sharing thoughts about my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2016: SHINE.

I was looking back over the order in which we have explored our words these last few months, enjoying the progression. There is sense in the progression for me. I look back over words from some of my previous years and see a similar progression. So, some meandering thoughts from me today on settling into this order that might be the beginnings of a poem.

Know the truth that sits at this table with you

waiting for coffee and a bagel.

Be present to the twittering song from birds

perched on the string of lights stretching across the alley,

the hum of bee's wings in potted mounds of winter blooms.

Pause. Think. Listen. Selah.

Let faith fill the frame reflecting in the panes of glass.

Be intent on missing nothing. Find delight.

Search for it. Take it, like Turkish sweets or your waiting croissant.

Be mindful of the window washer, his cargo pants

stuffed with rags. Admire his slow, steady progress,

the way he wipes the rubber blade after each wet swipe

and wait for the sun to spill through the glass.

Sip your steaming mug.

Bask in the simplicity of this moment.

Don't be afraid to shine,

a bold, quiet, confident shimmer

sparked from the gold inside.


  1. I am working on my post and so I hopped over to be sure I got the link right. What a treat that you had already posted. I love this poem full of simple daily images and all our words strewn throughout. They connect like birds on a wire, dancing to the music. I seem to be settling on haiku as a form for tomorrow. Not many words but packed with meaning.

  2. Thank you for sharing your OLW and your poem that presents the interconnectedness that you found among OLW's. My favorite lines are the last ones: "Don't be afraid to shine,a bold, quiet, confident shimmer sparked from the gold inside." Thank you! And thank you for providing a spark of an idea for next week's OLW. Brilliant! God bless you!

  3. Doraine, I love the quiet wisdom in this poem and how you incorporated all those One Little Words! Beautiful. I want to live this poem every day. Thank you, o shine-y soul. xo

  4. Wonderful words to get in a wonderful piece. Thanks for the moment of thought!

  5. Oh, I just love this! Carol writes compilations of our words like this, and I've always been moved by them. Love this line: "Let faith fill the frame reflecting in the panes of glass." Your word, SHINE, is a wonderful one!

  6. Doraine, from the first line on down, I was intrigued by the gentle movement in your poem. Then, I started thinking how balance was achieved in the progression. Perhaps, this was a follow-up to my yoga session on balance. Thank you for your word and your thoughts, small bites of wisdom flowing from your soul.

  7. I love how you took all the words and showed a wonderful progression. My favorite line: "Bask in the simplicity of this moment." Your words shine, shimmer, and spark.