Friday, September 9, 2016

Poetry Friday Browsing

It's a hot, slow day in Georgia, and I'm moving like sorghum syrup. 

Photo by Melinda Stewart.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is hosting Poetry Friday at The Poem Farm where you can read all about Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell's newest poetry book, You Just Wait. These two are always up to something new!

I was excited to find a copy of Jeannine Atkins' newest book, Finding Wonders, in my mailbox this week. Stop by Irene Latham's blog, Live Your Poem, for an excellent review.

I just finished reading House Arrest, a novel in verse by K.A. Holt, which I highly recommend. Check it out here.

I leave you with this poem of syrup and fond memories.

from "Maple Syrup"
by Donald Hall

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we take my grandfather’s last  
quart of syrup 
upstairs, holding it gingerly, 
and we wash off twenty-five years  
of dirt, and we pull 
and pry the lid up, cutting the stiff,  
dried rubber gasket, and dip our fingers 
in, you and I both, and taste 
the sweetness, you for the first time, 
the sweetness preserved, of a dead man  
in the kitchen he left 
when his body slid 
like anyone’s into the ground.

Read the rest here.


  1. Goodness, what a poem! So much meat and story here, so many relationships and layers. Sweetness.

  2. Very moving poem, when I first read it years ago and even now, still.

  3. This is a poem that takes me back to my own childhood, although the cellar had other things instead of syrup, blackberry and raspberry jam, all kinds of vegetables, and apple butter, nothing better! Beautiful, and thanks, Dori. "We walk
    among carved names that go with photographs
    on top of the piano at the farm" Love it!

  4. Yum. You had me at SYRUP. (What a great word!! So sticky and slow!)

  5. What a wonderful poem! Like Tabatha, I enjoyed the layers of time and relationships and the sweetness of shared syrup. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This poem is new to me - thanks for sharing it! Especially those words "like anyone's." And the way they can't find his grave, but they find the syrup instead. Beautiful.

  7. I loved your first line; moving like sorghum syrup. I don't even *know* what that stuff is - but I can imagine it!

  8. How beautiful....I'm from up north....the smells and feel of an old house, root celler, grandfather's collected relics. It all comes back. Thank you for the journey.

  9. Wow. Gorgeous. I am so intrigued by food prepared by those now gone. Thank you for this. I love syrup - we've made a bit here...but with it taking 40 gallons of sap to 1 gallon of syrup, we have not made much! xx