Friday, October 28, 2016

Mary F. C. Pratt: Glad Errand

I have enjoyed Mary F. C. Pratt's poetry since I discovered her through Sarah Arthur's compilation, At the Still Point. Mary blogs her poetry at GladErrand, and she is well worth following.

by Mary F. C. Pratt

Stop being superstitious. You do not
need a special pen or a blue notebook.
You do not need a tidy study with
a writing desk, or a corner table
in a dark café. You do not need to
drink anything but water, and any
cup will do. You do not need stars aligned,
flights of birds, a yellow candle, a white stone.
You do not need melancholy or fear.
You do not need to be in love or war.
You do not need an oracle or a muse.
All you need is a word, and another word.

Read the rest of her rules:
#1 , #2-4, #5, #6-8.

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  1. Perfect poem for writing fiction, too! I will have to read all of her rules. Thanks, Dori.

  2. Love her straightforward, arresting style. Thanks for introducing me to Pratt's work!

  3. Beautiful. I love it. Break down those barriers we put up, silence those inner critics, sweep away those excuses and just write.

  4. Something good to post right in a corner, somewhere, anywhere, right? Thanks Doraine.

  5. Love, love, love Pratt's rules. "...and another word." Thanks for sharing, Doraine. =)

  6. So much truth in what she says. I find an "aha" in almost every rule. I especially like #4:

    "No matter what you write,

    things will be revealed, secrets

    you have concealed even from yourself.

    Especially those."

  7. Oh, my absolutely delightful! I love the rules. You may write everything...You can't write anything. So true and makes me laugh at the effort I/we put into the entire business. Wonderful contribution this week, Dorraine. Have a great week. See you in November!