Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pondering: The Art of Diving

"I have come to give myself up," he said.
"It is well," said Mother Kirk. "You have a come a long way round to reach this place, whither I would have carried you in a few moments. Bit it is very well."
"What must I do? said John.
"You must take off your rags," said she,..."and then you must dive into this water."
"Alas," said he, "I have never learned to dive."
"There is nothing to learn," she said. "The art of diving is not to do anything new but simply to cease doing something. You have only to let yourself go."

--C.S. Lewis, The Pilgrim's Regress

There is no more exciting, buoyant adventure on earth than that of finally giving oneself up and taking off one's rags, for that is the prelude to hearing God. It is the beginning of "understanding what the will of the Lord its" and of learning to collaborate with Him in doing it.

--Leanne Payne, Heaven's Calling: A Memoir of One Soul's Steep Ascent

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