Friday, March 24, 2017

A Bucket of Popcorn Poems

After the "ode to an object" challenge from Helen Frost over at Today's Little Ditty this month, I've had popcorn on my mind. 

This was the challenge:

Choose an object (a seashell, a hairbrush, a bird nest, a rolling pin). It should not be anything symbolic (such as a doll, a wedding ring, or a flag). Write five lines about the object, using a different sense in each line (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell). Then ask the object a question, listen for its answer, and write the question, the answer, or both.

Ode to My Mother's Popcorn Pan

As you warm to the flame,
she holds your tented lid against your heavy frame
and scrapes your weight back and forth
until tender, sweet corn bursts inside.
The scent of butter calls us to the kitchen.
Do you remember the salty pleasure
of popcorn on Saturday night?

©2017 Doraine Bennett

Enjoy these as you make yourself a batch of popcorn!

Popcorn kernels
In the pot
Jump and dance
When they get hot.

And when they've
Carried on enough,
They do a flip
And turn to fluff!

© Cathy Drinkwater Better


When Walker and I bought our movie tickets
And went into the lobby,
There were brown boxes
Stacked seven feet high
And ten feet wide
And twenty feet deep.
You could hardly get by.
What was this cardboard castle?
We took a closer look.
On every box was printed one word.
In small letters:
"Could you eat that much popcorn?"
Said Walker.
"I already have," I said.

©James Stevenson

Catherine hosts the Roundup today at Reading to the Core.


  1. The poems are a delight of memories, Dori. I haven't made popcorn in a long time, but our tradition with an aunt and uncle's family across the street was popcorn and milkshakes on Sunday nights. My uncle made it a celebration for a long time! And yes, there was that pan on the stove. I remember being so excited when they got a 'plug-in' popcorn maker!

  2. Well you've convinced me to make some popcorn today. Haven't done the Jiffy Pop thing on the stove in ages, but I do have a popcorn maker and sometimes I just use my microwave. All good! Thanks for the tasty poems.

    1. When I was in college the only appliance we were allowed to have in our rooms was an iron. I got really good at cooking Jiffy Pop on an iron. I used my iron or make tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches too.

  3. "I already have" -- Me, too, I think!

    Love your popcorn collection, Dori!

  4. I love these popcorn poems, Dori! When I was growing up, Jiffy Pop was a big thing in our house. I could go for some right now!

  5. Popcorn was a main staple in my mother's house growing up. Your ode and these other poems 'pop' with such 'crunchy' goodness, Dori! Thank you!

  6. Microwaved popcorn isn't anywhere near as good as the old way of popping it! Used to make it in a pot with a lid and you'd better keep it moving!

  7. Simply delicious.....and boy, some great memories arise when remembering popcorn with my Mom. Thank you for this ode and this path to a good, good memory.

  8. Yum! I'm ready for popcorn made in a pan on the stove and DRENCHED in melted butter!!

  9. You transported me right back to childhood! Mmmmm.
    And I still love popcorn - a tower of boxes would be just fine, thank you.

  10. You make me wish I liked popcorn!

  11. Oh my, now I do want popcorn! And I suspect I may have already eaten that much, too!

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  13. I was ready to taste the popcorn in your "Ode to My Mother's Popcorn Pan." Thanks for the fun menagerie of popcorn poems Dori!

  14. Such a delicious poem, Dori! I think I'll have to make a batch tonight. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Even a week late, when I read this post a smile pops on my face. :) BTW, Dori, I shared your popcorn pan ode when I saw my mom in PA last week and she loved it!