Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Finding Joy

This week the bloggers of Spiritual Journey Thursday are posting on the theme "Finding Joy," suggested by Margaret Simon over at Reflections on the Teche. Head over to Margaret's blog if you'd like to read more on Finding Joy.

When I first read the topic for the month, I thought about what it means to find something. Was it lost? Was there a lengthy search? Was it simply a random stumbling upon an unexpected treasure to be pocketed with satisfaction?

But is that the way joy comes?

I think joy is something deeper than happiness. Joy can be present when happiness is tenuous or even absent. It is the understructure, the miraculous, the unexpected sense of knowing, not just who I am, but whose I am. The essential knowing that I am loved, that it's a good thing I am alive, that I have a place in the world. It's a solid knowing at the base of my soul that I can return to when the constant barrage of comparison, disapproval, or judgment lead me, like Pilgrim, toward the "slough of despond." It's a knowing that I am enjoyed by the one who created me. It's a safe place.

from Ode to Joy
by Annonymous

Joy everlasting fostereth 
The soul of all creation, 
It is her secret ferment fires 
The cup of life with flame.
'Tis at her beck the grass hath turned 
Each blade toward the light 
and solar systems have evolved 
From chaos and dark night, 
Filling the realms of boundless space 
Beyond the sage's sight.


  1. Dori, I enjoyed your philosophic thoughts on on joy. This line stood out: "It's knowing that I am enjoyed by the one who created me." What a beautiful thought to ponder just before the arrival of my first grandchild. There must be a wonderful enjoyment in heaven these days as the final preparations are being made for this sweet baby girl to enter the world.

  2. Not just who, but whose. What a lovely way to look at joy! Also, thinking about Carol's impending grandmotherhood... maybe Joy is the grandmother of Happiness? :) xo

  3. A very full and comfort-filled post today! Thanks! I like reflecting on being enjoyed by the Creator.

  4. I really like your comparison of joy and happiness. I agree that joy is way deeper and stronger than happiness. (I believe I once read a whole book comparing the two.) I love your paragraph about that... copying :)

  5. I love how you describe joy, especially the essential knowing that I am loved. I will carry that one with me.

  6. Love your thoughts on joy - it is deeper than happiness, isn't it? And your affirmation that is so positive, "It's a solid knowing at the base of my soul." Thanks for your profound thoughts.