Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spiritual Journey FRIDAY?

I remember my grandmother saying she was forever a day late and a dollar short. I'm feeling her words in my bones these days. Yesterday was Spiritual Journey Thursday and I was supposed to post reflections on my one little word for the year. I skipped Poetry Friday -- again -- but I'm determined to find a few reflections on connections!

Connection was my word for this year. You can look back on my original post here. I didn't realize until I went back and read this post that I was thinking about pain science way back at the beginning of the year and connecting mind to body. I did end up taking a pain science course for six weeks in October/November. It was wonderful to learn so much. And I'm teaching a workshop on Saturday on avoiding back pain from holiday stress where I will be helping folks understand why they experience chronic pain. So an interesting connection from January to December.

Connecting with nine grandchildren, all but one, far away is always a challenge. I generally read two books to each of them onto a CD for their birthdays. Though I've been late on a few of the last ones, I have managed to connect with them a bit more this year. Finally having one close by, very close by, next door to be exact, has been a most wonderful connection. Tomorrow I get to have him with me all day long. Poor little guy had shots today and is feeling a little under the weather.

My writing has taken a bit of a back seat while I sort out my yoga studio, but I'm learning to connect with my yoga audience with a weekly newsletter where I share breathing and stretching tidbits and simple info on poses, as well as a bit of spiritual encouragement. It's been fun.

Yes, it's been a year of connections, old ones and new ones.

I haven't a clue what my word for next year might be. Hopefully I'll find that connection before the year is out. Read more reflections at Irene's blog Live Your Poem.


  1. Doraine, your year has connected with itself in realized intentions and you're making those fabulous family and client connections (I love your tradition of reading to grandkids on a CD!). I'm like you with no clue what next year's word will be. But whatever, I'm sure it will work into something beautiful and significant.

    I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

  2. Doraine, I love all these connections and have long admired your read-to-the-grands practice. What a gift you will be to those experiencing chronic pain... yay for you shining your light! And hugs to the wee one in your lap today. So sweet. xo

  3. Doraine, read to the grandkids is such a great tradition of bringing the joy of reading to those you love and are far away. How wonderful. That is a fabulous connection as is your yoga studio opening with its weekly newsletter. Now that I have construction going on in my house, I had to put my yoga practice aside but January is coming and I will be back. I am fascinated by your pain science yoga class. I wish I lived near you to join your studio.

  4. It's interesting how our words follow us through the year. Love your focus on connecting mind to body, your classes, your yoga studio, and connecting with your grands through story. What a gift those recordings are. My mother-in-law used to tell stories on cassette tape and they were treasured by my kids.