Thursday, November 1, 2018

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Gathering

Spiritual Journey Thursday is happening today. Not that every day isn't a spiritual journey--it is, of course. But the first Thursday of the month a few of us blog about our spiritual journey. Today Ramona hosts the gathering at Pleasures from the Page and she has us reflecting on the word "gather."
A good word for this month that holds Thanksgiving and all that goes with family gatherings.

One of my favorite songs in elementary school was Over the River and Through the Woods. I loved gathering with my cousins at my grandmother's house. We did have to go over a river and through some woods, but there were not horse drawn sleighs and no snow to amount to much. It is south Georgia, for goodness sakes!

Then Thanksgiving gatherings moved to my mother's house. Then to my house. This year we have plans to fly to Texas to my son's house. Gathering with grandchildren that I don't get to see often enough. The thought brings great joy and the same kind of excitement I remember looking forward to that trip over the river and through the woods as a child!

Wherever you are gathering this month, I wish you love, joy and great blessings.

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