Monday, February 16, 2009

Recovering a child-like mind

As writers for children, it is essential to find that corner of our own mind that still thinks like a child. The problem is that our adult minds tend to send those thoughts to stand in the corner facing the wall. We can easily miss the wonder that accompanies our random childlike musings.

Yesterday I sat in my special thinking quiet thoughts chair with a good book and a cup of hot tea. I automatically jerked my hand away when I tipped the cup and splashed hot Earl Grey on my fingers. Ow!

I wiped my fingers, readjusted my grip, and sipped the steaming cup. My eyes went back to the book, but my mind wandered to the corner where that little kid was observing everything in her scope. And there, a question was brewing.

Why is the tea too hot for my fingers, but doesn't burn my tongue?

Now my adult mind needs an answer.

What burning questions have you stumbled upon lately?


  1. Flying at 35,000 feet the other day, my window seat was right behind the wing.... good enough for some ground viewing, but with a bit more engine roar than other spots on the plane.
    At one point I cupped my ear with my hand and discovered again the conch shell phenomenon. And... I could adjust the pitch of the "white noise" with the opening and shutting of my hand. Pretty cool! I wondered if I could actually play a tune on my ear with that noise, like you can with your lips or tongue when you whistle. I tried for a few moments, but there didn't seem to be enough pitch variation.
    When I learned to whistle, though, I remember having to gradually add more range. Maybe I'll "practice" again.

  2. How fun! I never did learn to whistle! Still can't do it.