Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Conference

Last weekend I drove home from a conference in the the snow. This past weekend I went to the beach, walked barefoot in sand still cold from winter wind, slept with earplugs against the spring break crowd at Party City Beach, and sat around tables with 250 women at another conference.

So many gems gleaned from each gathering. I hope to sort through them in the next few weeks and pass some of them along.

So after two weeks of conferences, deadlines, and crowded rooms, my body is tired, my soul is stretched, but that third ephemeral part of me, my spirit, is renewed. In my backyard, I watch the hidden buds of forsythia and azalea break the sepals and bloom golden and coral and purple and pink. My amaryllis bulbs are jabbing thick stems out of the ground. In another week or two their red blooms will trumpet spring!

New growth from old roots. Warm ideas from cold ground. Spring is a good place to be.


  1. I'm so grateful that you were willing to push through and come to another conference with me. I look forward to sitting in the backyard and glean in the azaleas and chat through everything that's happened over the past few busy weeks. Love you!

  2. It was such a sweet time to be with you. Even with all the other ladies around, too! See you again soon.