Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Comment Contest

Drop by Market My Words for some excellent ideas on marketing. Shelli freely shares her marketing skills and often interviews editors and agents about marketing strategies. This month she is holding a Comment Your Butt Off contest. So stop by and comment! You could win a free website designed by Shelli herself!


  1. Hi Doraine from your fellow 'angel' at Southern Breeze. Saw your comment in Shelli's blog so decided to say 'hey!' It's awesome you have a blog. I'm so clueless, I don't know how to change my daughter's e mail to mine so I'll tell ya--it's me, Vicky Alvear Shecter

  2. Hi Vicky. I knew it was you. I must have connected the A. with one of your early posts on Shelli's blog. I'm pulling for you to get the first website win!

    Thanks for stopping by here. I'm trying to be more consistent with posting since hearing all the wonderful info from the conference and Shelli's blog posts. It's really fun when people you know stop in and say hello. I like this part a lot.

    Happy Writing!