Friday, May 15, 2009

My Graduate!

I am one proud mama!

My youngest graduated from the University of South Alabama last Saturday. It was a whirlwind weekend, full of moving out of the dorm, graduation breakfast, graduation ceremony, and graduation party! Lots of laughter, a few tears, and great joy.

I came home to a full week. I spoke at the Phenix City Schools Young Authors Awards Banquet; managed to get all the files turned in for the Bugler deadline, despite a computer crash at the office and a sudden change of command announcement at Fort Benning; and after a full week home, finally unpacked my suitcase!

Next week I'll be back to normal and back to blogging.


  1. I bet it feels as if you graduated with all the kids through college! And, that is cool that you spoke at the young author's banquet. What did you say?


  2. It does feel good. I talked about how unique we all are, how our thoughts and words are valuable because no one else thinks the same way we do, and how writing is a safe place where we can truly be ourselves. It was fun. I hope they're going to send me a photo and I can blog about it.