Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And the Winners Are...

Thank you for following along on my virtual book tour. It's been fun for me, and I hope you've learned some things along the way.

Today, I hope you'll stop by writer Mary Cronk Farrell's blog. Mary blogs about history and literature. I'm delighted to be visiting with her today. Mary's book, Fire in the Hole, won several awards, including New York Public Library Best Books for the Teenage 2006, Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People 2005. and Bank Street College Best Children’s Books 2005.

Yesterday's Question (the last one): Which explorer fought off a crocodile with her boat paddle?
Mary Kingsley lived a sheltered life caring for her invalid mother. She was in her thirties when both her parents died. She decided to set out for Africa. Not the norm for a single British woman in the 1800s. Mary collected insect specimens for the British Museum, but her interest was in understanding the African people. She hired native guides and traveled to the villages of the Fang (pronounced fong) people who were known to be cannibals. The Fang treated with Mary with kindness, gave her a hut, and allowed her to stay with them. She had a few adventures in Africa. She fought off that pesky crocodile with her canoe paddle. She scratched a hippo behind the ears with her umbrella. And she fell into a lion pit. Only her thick, Victorian skirt saved her from the spikes meant to kill any wild animal that fell into the pit. Mary's greatest contribution to exploration and discovery was her respect for the African people. She did much in her lectures in England to change the attitudes of Europeans.

Questions from Mrs. Gill's Fourth Grade Class

Where do you come up with the ideas for your stories?
Lots of places. Ideas are everywhere. People I see. Magazines I read. Lots of times a book I'm reading will trigger an idea. You just have to pay attention, ask questions, wonder what would happen if.....

How many books have you written?
I have 18 published books. I will have 5 new books out in the spring.

What are the titles of some of the other books you have written?
Georgia Habitats, Georgia Geographic Regions, Greece and Our American Heritage, Virginia Geographic Regions, Tomochichi, Jackie Robinson, Jimmy Carter, Sequoyah

Do you work at night?
Sometimes, but I get sleepy the next day if I stay up too late.

Have you written books based on things that have happened to you?
Not yet.

What is you favorite book by another author?
C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia is an all-time favorite. I also like Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains. King of Shadows by Susan Cooper. Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. Anything by Andrew Clements.

Which of your books do you think is the funniest?
Most of my books aren't very funny. But Readers Theatre for Global Explorers does have some funny scenes.

Did you write books when you were a kid?
I read lots, but I didn't write them.

And now the winners are:

Readers Theatre for Global Explorers - Gail Handler
How High Can We Climb? - Robyn Hood Black
I, Matthew Henry - Irene Latham

Please email me your mailing address and I'll get the books to you.

Thanks again for joining me on the adventure. Never stop exploring. You'll always be surprised at what you find.


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