Monday, February 7, 2011

Virtual Book Tour: Global Explorers, Day 1

Welcome! Today we begin my virtual book tour celebrating the release of my new book, Readers Theatre for Global Explorers. I'm so glad to have you join me. I will be sharing some of my journey, offering free downloads, and holding a drawing for three books.

Today Nancy I. Sanders hosts an interview with me at her blog. I am thrilled to have Nancy as my first stop on the tour. She's the main reason this book exists. I stumbled upon her blog a couple of years ago and was impressed by her generous wisdom, the practicality of her advice, and her simple, but effective style of sharing. Click on the link to read the interview at Blogzone. (A tip I learned from Nancy: If you click on her link by pressing a "right click" on your mouse, you can choose the option of opening her link in a new tab or window. That way you can browse through her site but keep this window open so you can come back here to post a comment to win a chance at a free book.)

Every March, Nancy's Book in a Month Club walks readers through the process of writing a book--in a month. Okay, so you may not get the whole book written in a month, but you certainly come away with the process. Two years ago, her March posts were on targeting a publisher. I followed along and Readers Theatre for Global Explorers was the result. You can read more at Nancy's blog. I hope you'll take time to explore the rest of her blog while you're there.

Each day, I will post a question about one of the explorers covered in the book. Post a comment, an answer to the question or anything else you would like to post, and I will enter your name for a chance in the drawing at the end of the tour. I will be giving away a free copy of these books:

How High Can We Climb? is a book about women explorers by Jeannine Atkins, a wonderful writer and teacher of poetry. Click on her name to read Jeannine's daily posts on the art of poetry. They are delightful.

I, Matthew Henson: Polar Explorer is written by Carole Boston Weatherford in first-person, eight-line poems. Eric Velasquez captures the heart of Henson and the rugged landscape. It's a beautiful book.

And, an autographed copy of my new book, Readers Theatre for Global Explorers.

Question of the day: Who was REALLY the first person to circumnavigate the globe?

I'll see you here tomorrow for Day Two of the tour. We'll be visiting a fellow writer to talk about how I began writing for the educational market.


  1. Cool! Well done Doraine! I'm so looking forward to reading your book!

  2. Blessings on your virtaul book tour. I am following along. Terri

  3. Hmmmmm...I'm going to say Marco Polo. Mostly because I really like that name. :-)

    And thanks for that right-hand click tip. You think you're all tech savvy, then bam! You find a neat little trick that's been there all along, waiting for you to discover it.

    Hope tons of people discover your book on the blog tour!

  4. Congratulations on your new book, Doraine!!! I'm so excited to host you as the first stop on your Virtual Book Tour. And I had to google the answer to your question, but I got different answers. So my guess is Magellan's navigator Juan Elcano. Is that right? I can tell I really need your book! -Nancy

  5. Vicky, I'm so glad to have you along. I pulled out "Cleopatra Rules!" again last night and was re-reading.

    Thank you, Terri. I receive your sweet blessing and return it to you.

    Cathy, It's true. There's always some little bit of info to add to the massive amount of technical data we store in our heads. So glad I could be of help. And thanks for joining me.

    Thanks so much, Nancy. I am so pleased to have you first on my blog tour. Good guess, but official answers tomorrow!

  6. Your book looks like one children and teachers would enjoy. I'd like to win the books listed above. Have fun on your book tour.

  7. Thanks, Pat. I'll put your name in the hat. I do think the book will be a wonderful supplemental tool for social studies classrooms, so pass the word along to teachers you know.

  8. I am looking forward to reading your book, Doraine. You give good advice and keep me inspired.

  9. Thanks, Sarah. I consider that a high compliment coming from someone so creative.

  10. Yaye, GLOBAL EXPLORERS! What a fascinating topic! ALthough I've had a "preview" of the book already - I am so excited to follow your tour and celebrate as the book, like its subject, STRIKES OUT INTO THE UNKNOWN, TEETH BARED HEROICALLY IN THE WIND!

  11. Doraine, I'm excited to host your tout as well!!! I'm going with least that's what we taught in 4th grade explorers:-) And if it turns out to be his navigator, well, didn't the navigator go with Magellan??? Can't wait for the "official" answer.
    I'd L-O-V-E to win your book (yeah, the others would be good too but I'm partial to you!)

  12. As one who slept through history classes, I could see this being a wonderful addition to classrooms all over the country. Learning SHOULD be fun. Wishing you the best as you navigate the world of book publishing.

  13. Gail, I'll put your name in the hat! And thanks for your help on the tour.

    Sherri, I'm so pleased that you can see the potential for making history fun. Thanks for your good wishes.

  14. Dori, thank you for your kind words and for giving away a copy of How High Can we Climb?!

  15. Jeannine, Thanks for stopping by! I'm delighted to give away your book. I enjoyed it so much.