Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Signing

My book signing for Sing, Dance, Shout! 30 Days of Praise was Saturday at the Sanctuary, the local Christian bookstore. My thanks to Rodney Redmond and the staff. It was such fun day.Good friend Karen Johnson set the event up for me and handled publicity. Something I probably wouldn't have done without her. One could not have a better publicist.

We had a steady stream of people all afternoon, in spite of the badly needed downpour. Rodney sold every copy of the book he ordered!

Special thanks to my wonderful writing partner, Ashley Parsons, who read the first draft and helped me stay on track.

Now back to real life.


  1. Wish I could have come down to support you! Hoping we can be roomies again at WIK, went you an email.

  2. Oops, clumsy fingers and bad eyes, that's SENT you an email.

  3. Sorry I couldn't be there, too, Doraine! But huge CONGRATS! Hope to see you (and Gail, too, and Ashley...)soon in Birmingham. :0)