Monday, August 1, 2011

Sing Dance Shout! A New Book

At last, my new Christian devotional book for middle graders is available! Sing, Dance, Shout! 30 Days of Praise provides 30 devotional lessons on praising God.

The book is divided into four sections. Section one is an explanation of what praise is and what happens when we praise God. Section two introduces the many Hebrew words for praise and additional words, dance, clap and shout, that are often associated with praise. Each chapter defines the word and correlates it to a scripture from the Psalms. Section three focuses on eight reasons the Bible gives for praising God. Section four concludes the book with four lessons on joining with all creation to proclaim the wonder of God.

I began talking with my editor at Christian Focus Publishing two years ago, in late June of 2009. They are a small publishing house in Scotland and I'm delighted to be part of their writing team. Publishing a book is an amazing journey. The second paragraph of this blog post came directly from my proposal. I sent three chapters along with it. When she requested the full book, I sat down and wrote the rest. Then the waiting began.

And as a writer, I move on to the next project all the while hoping this one moves through the process. The acceptance and contract came through in October of 2010. I saw the cover design early this year, proofed the galleys this spring, and finally had my six author copies by late June. But there was still a waiting period. The books weren't available for purchase until mid-July.

Finally, I'm so pleased to be able to say, "You can purchase it at your local Christian bookstore (please support those lovely people) or on Barnes and Noble or Amazon."

If you're local to the Columbus, Georgia area, I'll be signing copies at the Sanctuary, on Airport Thruway near Applebees, on Saturday from 12 to 3 pm. Stop by. I'd love to sign a copy for you.


  1. Singing Dancing and Shouting for you, Doraine! Big congratulations on your latest title. Wonderful!!

  2. Woo-hoo! Surely the Snoopy Dance counts as an expression of praise - doing it for you over here. :0)

  3. Thanks, Irene. I appreciate your celebrating with me.

    And Robyn,yep, the snoopy dance is definitely an expression of praise. Hebrew word: Raqad - to dance, skip and leap. :)

  4. Singing and dancing for your new book! Are you going to WIK this year?

  5. Thanks, Gail. I am planning to go to WIK. Looking for a roommate?