Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aloha Vacation

One of the benefits of working for Delaney Educational is that when you work hard, it pays off. Not only have I  made a lot of wonderful friends who are media specialists and literacy coaches, but I earned a trip to Hawaii. Six other Delaney reps, along with their spouse or friend, Tom and Nancy Delaney traveled to Oahu the week before Thanksgiving for a fabulous Hawaiian vacation. And it was a true vacation. No work. No writing. Nothing but fun.

 Here are some highlights.

1. We stayed at the New Otani Hotel, a few blocks east of Waikiki. Close enough to walk to all the hoopla, but far enough away to be peaceful. Right on the beach, all beaches in Hawaii are public, by the way. The Hau Tree Lanai served the most wonderful Eggs Benedict and Coconut Macadamia Nut French Toast.

2. We hiked Diamond Head. Now I know where they take all those beautiful pictures of Honolulu.

3. At Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial is a very moving experience. Names of all the sailors fill a white marble wall lit by sunlight streaming through the branches of the Tree of Life Sculpture. The ship leaks two quarts of oil a day. They call it the black tears of the Arizona.

4. One of the highlights of the tour around the island was the sea turtles. These guys swim ashore, spend the morning eating vegetation, then find a comfy spot on the sand and sleep off their big meal.

This is Isabella. She's recognizable because of the barnacles on her shell.

Kuhina is a 260 pound adult male. He's 35 years old.

5. Wild chickens make themselves at home just about anywhere on the island. These are at Pali lookout where Kamehameha tossed rival warriors off a very steep cliff.

6. Okay, we crashed the Luau at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. We didn't plan to, but hey, nobody said we couldn't sit on the sofa and watch.

My friend Janice and I managed to get pictures with the Somoan Fire Dancer.
We had a wonderful time. I'm finally getting over two ten hour flights (hard on the body) and jet lag. Back to working. Back to writing. Lots of good memories.


  1. YAYE! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Oh, how I miss Hawaii!!! *sigh* *pine* I loved the ckickens. Don't forget the Hawaiian myth for 'fire' - it came from chicken's scratching. I love that. Great pics!

  2. Had you been to Hawaii before? So wonderful. You must go back and spend time on Maui and Kauai. Oh, and I once stayed at the New Otani and climbed Diamond Head! A well-deserved vacation friend!

  3. Ash, I didn't know the chicken scratching up fire legend. Chicken scratch has a totally different connotation in the South!

    I've never been before, Gail. How cool that you stayed in the same hotel. Yes, it was a wonderful vacation.