Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Be Flip

Don't Be Flip
by Todd Boss

when you drop
your mate at
the dock or

your children
at school. Don’t
be cool. Don’t

be coy. Or if
you do, don’t
assume it’s

okay to act
that way. For
today may

be your last
chance at
joy before it

flashes away

Read the rest here.

Anastasia Suen hosts Poetry Friday Roundup at Booktalking.

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  1. This is so in keeping with what my mama taught me. She said, treat every goodbye as the last one. Which means, say I LOVE YOU.
    Thanks for sharing, Doraine.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Doraine - a poem written in a rather "flip" tone but with something so important to say.

  3. So true! My son says in a horrified tone, "MOM!" but I hug him anyway.

  4. Hi Dori, I love the message in this poem. Reminds me of a soldier friend I know who always values every goodbye with a huge warm embrace that promises to never let go. :)

  5. Like Myra, this reminds me of a story my mother told about WWII. She said she casually said goodbye to a brother, & didn't see him again for several years! No one knew then how long & how hard the war would be. This is such a casual poem that says what we all should hear! Thanks Dori!