Monday, April 2, 2012

Progressive Poem Continues Here

Among the many offerings in the Kidslitosphere for National Poetry Month, the utterly delightful Irene Latham is hosting a progressive poem at her blog, Live Your Poem... Stop by to see the list of other poetic activities you can participate to celebrate the wonder of words.

I remember a few progressive dinners in my time. Most of them were youth group events where you were never quite sure what you'd find at the next stop. 

And that's exactly what this poetic journey offers. So climb aboard and enjoy! 

If you are reading this
you must be hungry

Jeannine, you're next!

2012 KidLit Progressive Poem:  watch a poem grow day-by-day as it 
travels across the Kidlitosphere! April 1-27


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30  Irene at Live Your Poem


  1. Can't wait to see where this poem goes!

  2. Yes! I AM hungry. :) Well played, Doraine!
    I remember a number of progressive suppers from our church youth group. It was always so much fun just getting there. So much EXCITEMENT. That's what I remember.

  3. Ha! This could just go anywhere. I'm kind of tingly with anticipation... :)

  4. This is going to be fun. [Although if anyone's looking for a rhyme at the end of the fourth line, let me point out that Doraine just ended this second line with "hungry"... ;0) ] Play on!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes, too. Such fun! And, of course, I was not thinking about rhyme. Hungry. Hmm. I see you have that very significant line, Robyn. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. If I entered it already, please forgive. I don't know where my comment landed! Thanks Doraine, what fun. This might meander down interesting paths; it has already! And now you've reminded me that I'm hungry & must go fix my lunch!

  7. Oh my--so wide open, so many appetites that could be addressed here. I'm really looking forward to this exquisite *corpus* (nothing dead here, for sure!)

  8. Love the possibilities since hunger could be directed in so many intriguing ways.