Friday, July 27, 2012

Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday, again. Already. This week sneaked right by me. More Poetry Friday offerings at Life is Better With Books. Enjoy.

Alas, Kind Element!

By  Léonie Adams 

Then I was sealed, and like the wintering tree
I stood me locked upon a summer core;
Living, had died a death, and asked no more.
And I lived then, but as enduringly,
And my heart beat, but only as to be.
Ill weathers well, hail, gust and cold I bore,
I held my life as hid, at root, in store:
Thus I lived then, till this air breathed on me.
Till this kind air breathed kindness everywhere,
There where my times had left me I would stay.
Then I was staunch, I knew nor yes nor no;
But now the wishful leaves have thronged the air.
My every leaf leans forth upon the day;
Alas, kind element! which comes to go.

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  1. I think this poem shares an echo with Carol Wilcox's post today...