Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Musing

Random musing going on for Labor Day!

1.  If you have an iPhone, there is an app called Viber that lets you talk to anyone around the world free who also has an iPhone with Viber.  Stephen called on Saturday morning to say they had arrived in Lagos, Nigeria. They made all their flights and connections and managed to get through customs despite the fact that the forgot to take proof of the vaccines. He called again Saturday afternoon to let us know the had reached Fiditi, where they would stay for the night.  By now they should be settling in to the school and working to get the wifi up and running. I'm grateful for their safe travels. Fiditi is between Ibidan and Oyo. 

2. My dad is feeling a little better in a rehab facility. I think he's decided to stick around for a while longer. In a few weeks. We may be able to bring him home. My brother and I will put a refrigerator downstairs in his tri-level house, along with a microwave and toaster oven, so that he doesn't have to get up the stairs. I live four houses down from him and in a couple of weeks, my brother will be moving back to town and will be living in his house for a while.  

3.  I once sold a book called "In Your Genes" to a fifth grade teacher for teaching science. Unfortunately, it was a bit too graphic about what was in your jeans for a fifth grade classroom. We exchanged it for something more appropriate.  I was sitting in my dad's room this week and noticed he was sleeping with one foot out from under the bed covers. That's how I sleep. So is that in the genes, too?

4.  There are secrets grandparents keep. Until you're a grandparent, you don't even know they exist. If you're a grandparent, call me and we'll break open a bottle of wine. If you're not a grandparent, you 'll just have to wait.

5. I saw the cover of one of my new books this week. It's a series with State Standards on Native Peoples. I wrote the Inuit, Kwakiutl, and Nez Perce. Love the cover! 


  1. Oh wow, you're getting a geography lesson, arent you?! Thinking of you and your family and your dad. And yes, those things like feet sticking out are SO in the genes! My oldest son draws up his knees at the computer, just like I do... and other stuff too! Every time I see my brother, I am amazed at the mannerisms he shares with my father. Love it. And that cover is awesome! Of course I love LOVE reading about the Inuit. Anytime I find fiction that include them, I am a happy girl. And now your NF! Yay!

    1. I always loved geography. I have maps everywhere and keep an atlas at hand. I have been amazed at how many of my writing projects have included bits of info about the Inuit. I love their laughing game.

  2. Happy to hear your family arrived, Dori! I am often surprised at the things 'genes' hold, & like the way you connected that memory of the old book, In Your Genes-a good laugh. And I am intrigued in those grandparent 'secrets'-hm-m-m! Congrats on the book cover-looks interesting, doesn't it?

    1. We had some good laughs over that book! I do think the cover is one a child would like to pick up. Thanks.