Friday, September 14, 2012

Poetry Friday: Tennyson

I took an online class this summer on plotting and outlining a novel with Dennis Foley through It was a really good class and Dennis recommended Scrivener as the tool of choice. So I've played around with it for a couple of months and finally decided to buy the version for Windows. This program is really involved, very powerful, and I needed more than a tutorial, so I'm taking the class offered by Gwen Hernandez. It's a pretty cool program and Gwen is a good teacher. If you write fiction, it's worth checking out. I use OneNote for research on my nonfiction projects, but I can see where Scrivener can be useful here, too. Even for keeping up with blog posts, Scrivener looks like a great program for making life easier.

Gwen recommended a wonderful blog post by a friend about using Scrivener. It's definitely worth reading. Check it out at The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood.

There is no theme to this post. I just felt like this poem today. Enjoy. More Poetry Friday at

The Oak
by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Live thy Life,
Young and old,
Like yon oak,
Bright in spring,
Living gold;

Then; and then
Gold again.

All his leaves
Fall'n at length,
Look, he stands,
Trunk and bough
Naked strength.


  1. I love tree poems. Love all that changing and yes, naked strength. Thanks for sharing! And you go with the Scrivener!

    1. I love seeing the structure of those naked trees. Knowing what's underneath. And we'll see where I go with Scrivener. I hope I go somewhere!

  2. I've gotten away from complicated writing projects, but I'll look into Scrivener if I decide to move away from haiku! Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Diane, I can actually see great potential for using Scrivener with poetry projects. I haven't played with it enough yet, but I'm planning to pull a collection I'm workin on into it this weekend.

  3. Dori, New Englanders have a name for bare tree season - stick season. Perhaps "Naked Strength Season" would be better!

  4. Fun to have this fully grown oak poem after the acorn poem by Liz.

    1. I still haven't made it that far down the list! Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Just feeling like it is plenty of reason for me! My daughter uses Scrivener for her writing - she got started with it doing Nanowrimo. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. I'm really enjoying the Scrivener class. The program was only $40 and the class was $40. I figure that's a decent deal if I can learn to use it well. I've paid more for lots of online classes. My brain is just filling up with ways to use it.

  6. Thank you for sharing the apps you find important for your writing. I'll check them out, Dori. I love the poem, and that end, "naked strength" is wonderful. And also "bright in spring/living gold".