Friday, January 25, 2013

Poetry Friday and My Journey

Our Poetry Friday host today is Tabatha Yeats at The Opposite of Indifference. Stop by and enjoy all the poetry on the web today!

We loved big hair in 1985! Christmas, pregnant with  Allison, beside my sweet daddy.


I wait,
as for my first child,
ten days past due,
belly overfull,
tracing the patterned arm
of an overstuffed chair,
phantom pains
predicting birth.

I wait
in a vinyl recliner
beside my father. He jams
an elbow in the hospice bed,
turns to one side,
shoves a bony heel into the sheet
to loosen a cramped corner.

He waits, tethered
by time, until the present
dilates and he slips
beyond the rim of now,
where I wait
for the water to break.

                  © Doraine Bennett, 2013


  1. Doraine, thank you for sharing such a rich, personal, and powerful poem. Thoughts and prayers.

  2. Beautifully shown, that waiting, linking your time together over all the years. Thank you Dori for sharing.

  3. The photo and poem are wonderful together. You've written a poignant, warm gift from the heart.

  4. Poignant juxtaposition of the beginning and end of life, shaded by your loving memories and love. Thanks for sharing this, Dori.

  5. Thank you for sharing your poem and a bit of your life with us today, Dori. =)

  6. Birth and death, waiting and time, excitement and apprehension.

    Beautiful poem.