Friday, April 26, 2013

Poetry Friday: Celebrating April!

April is nearly gone, but I saw my first bluebird of the season yesterday. I hesitated in the driveway, distracted from the water bill and the Steinmart brochure by a brilliant flash of blue. He rested on the electrical wire for only a moment, then dipped into the nearest canopy of trees where the blue somehow blended into the green and he was hidden again. 

This has been a lovely month of poetry. While I haven't posted many poem, I have enjoyed reading and have managed to write or revise a few for a new project. So before we turn the corner into May where spring in the Deep South will morph into morbid heat and jungles of weeds, I'm celebrating April! 

Laura Purdie Salas hosts the roundup today, so stop by her blog for more poetry offerings.

by  Helen Bayley Davis

Hush—April is in the lane!
Be very still, she may go again;
The touch of her lilac-scented hand
Is on my cheek.
Do not speak
To her, she may not understand;
She is shy, and white, and very
Look,—she leaves a crocus—there!
The daffodils awake, and stir;
Above my head there is a whir
Of blue blue wings oh I am
She is here! See—
By the wild plum tree
She pauses; soon it will be clad
In petals fluttering like blown
white tulle . . .
April, you are too beautiful:


  1. We don't have those gorgeous bluebirds here in Colorado, but I loved them in Missouri, Dori. We have a mountain bluebird, a deeper blue, but only in the mountains. The poem is gorgeous & I am waiting "for the touch of her lilac-scented hand on my cheek'!

    1. Isn't that a fabulous line? We don't grow lilacs here in the south, at least I've not seen them, but I love the image.

  2. What a delightful poem! And since I tapped on "Home" and saw some other interesting poets with a story, I'll be back to read. I hope you enjoy May as much as you enjoyed April.

    Violet N.

    1. Thanks, Violet. I hope you enjoy reading, and thanks for stopping.

  3. Wonderful personification-- like a magical, childhood friend.

  4. Sweet poem! May you enjoy all the manifestations of spring!

    1. Thanks, Bridget. I am hoping it stays around as long as possible!

  5. As a native Floridian, I hear that morbid heat (and was so glad to get away from it). Thanks for sharing this poem...spring here in Minnesota is mostly a muddy mess. But...on a perfect spring day, I totally know that the "touch of her lilac-scented hand / Is on my cheek."